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Accessibility: Vision

Contra Costa County Library provides access for people through technology solutions, free services, resource information, programs, and more.

Library Cards with Larger Fonts

Library cardWe now offer library cards with 16-point font so it is easier to read your account number. 

Video Magnifiers

Closed Captioned TelevisionsVideo Magnifiers
Uses a camera and a screen or monitor to magnify images and text. These machines will magnify small print that you find on newspapers, pill bottles, food items, and will also magnify photos, three-dimensional objects and more.  Images can be magnified up to 70 times their original size, making even the smallest items easy to see.


Read, write, or engage in your favorite hobby


Topaz by Freedom Scientific - 22 inch screen desktop video magnifier

  • Walnut Creek Library--located on the 2nd floor near the library’s magazines, newspapers, and reference books. (Gift from the Walnut Creek Lions Clubs)

Merlin - 24 inch screen LCD desktop video magnifier

Braille and Talking Book Library

The California State Library loans braille, cassette, and digital talking books, magazines, and playback equipment to Northern Californians who cannot read standard print due to visual or physical limitations. 

All community libraries have applications for patrons to register with the California State Library Braille and Talking Book Library to have tapes and equipment made available to them. You can also download the application here

  • Novels, mysteries, westerns, biographies, magazines, and more on cassette, downloadable audio, braille and electronic braille
  • Registers individuals for telephone access to local and national newspaper services
  • Books and equipment are mailed postage free to and from readers.

Choice Magazine Listening

Choice Magazine ListeningChoice Magazine Listening is a nonprofit organization that provides audio recordings of memorable articles, stories, interviews, essays and poems from outstanding current magazines, completely free of charge, to blind, visually impaired, physically disabled or dyslexic adults.

AudioBook Recommendations

AudioFile's SoundReviews on SoundCloud
AudioFile's editors and reviewers create podcasts about top recommended titles using sound clips and let you hear excerpts.

U. S. Currency Reader

Blind or visually impaired patrons of National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) libraries can now pre-order their free currency reader. Distribution of the currency readers by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing should happen by January 2015. If you are a California State Library Braille and Talking Book Library patron, please contact them at 800-952-5666 or to get your name on the list!

US CurrencyMore details about the U.S. Currency Reader Program

Open Library

Open Library

The Accessible Book (Open Library Project) is a service by the nonprofit Internet Archive. The Project will initially make 1 million books available to the visually impaired.



Find all sorts of free books: public domain texts, open books, free audio books, ad-supported books, and more. Type in the search box the book, author, or theme you want to find.

Featured Websites

Have You Seen (or Heard)?

Big Browser - Free large print iPad browser from Braille Institute.

Simple Tricks/Tips

Q. How do I magnify images on a website?

A. You can make everything on the page larger by pressing the CTRL button with the "+" button.  Hold the CTRL button down (usually located at bottom left corner of keyboard); then press the "+" key (top right of keyboard, contains "+" and "=") any number of times to zoom in on the page.

Press CTRL with the "-" button to zoom out, or to make things smaller again.