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Women's History Month: Stories from Women's History

Resources and events to celebrate Women's History Month at Contra Costa County Library

Stories from Women's History

Badass Female Librarians Delivered Books on Horseback in 1930s

If you are someone who is excited about female empowerment as I am, then you're going to love this! According to History Daily , during the Great Depression, unemployment rates soared, and in turn people endured extreme poverty, so many had little access to books.

Joanna Kafarowski

In a continuing series of fascinating interviews with individuals whose work intersects with the life of explorer Louise Arner Boyd, I'm delighted to feature a conversation with British artist/researcher/voyager Anne Lydiat. JK - How did you learn about Miss Boyd and what most intrigues you about her?

This Lady Scientist Defined the Greenhouse Effect But Didn't Get the Credit, Because Sexism

Eunice Foote's career highlights the subtle forms of discrimination that have kept women on the sidelines of science The morning of August 23, 1856, saw hundreds of men of science, inventors and curious persons gathered in Albany, New York, for the Eighth Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the largest attended to date.